Create your Competition for Facebook

You want to create a contest for your Facebook fan page and/or your website with minimum effort? Then start using the InteractiveCreator of Contilla. With the innovative social media software you get a complete solution allowing you to integrate an unlimited number of sweepstake-apps in different forms on Facebook and to retain fans.

On some shortcomings of Facebook-Contests

For many companies competitions are a popular means for increasing the number of Facebook fans and generating leads. Allured by attractive prizes, customers are often inclined to quickly click on the "like" button. The fact that most of these newly-won fans are mor interested in the prizes than in your topics, let alone your company is an undesired side-effect. The result is that when the campaign is over, they become inactive. However, your social media content should be recommended, because you can only then benefit from the showpiece of social networks - virality. Facebook-Gewinnspiele einfach und schnell erstellt

The Solution: An interactive Competition

So if you start a contest, you should supply the users with the appropriate, high-quality content in addition to an attractive price also. This has two advantages in one: on the one hand it is ensured that the raffle-participants actively engage with your topics, on the other hand you position yourself in the competitive social network: Unique and original content promotes a positive image. This is precisely what can be achieved with our Social Media Software: Interactive Content entertains and informs at the same time. A crisp quiz with three to five competent questions and a subsequent participation in the sweepstake has a much greater effect on your fanbase than an ordinary lottery. Not less attractive are personality-checks, Advent calendars at Christmas time and other interactive formats.

How do I create contests for Facebook?

A quiz or a personality-check can easily be created without any programming knowledge with our Interactive Creator. Designing the interactive element as a raffle is only one click away ready to be integrated as a Facebook app in a few steps. Here the details can be defined individually: Participation conditions, number of questions, period of the prize draw, obligatory details of participants (name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number) etc. - in short: You define everything yourself and as regards content you are not limited in any way.

This is how your contest could look on Facebook:

Here are a few tips for a successful Facebook contest:

  • Collect qualified leads: Announce that only those who answered a certain number of questions correctly can participate on the contest - the effect is that the users will deal with your topics more seriously and rather not solve the quiz only in passing.
  • Promote the campaign: Keep drawing the users' attention by indicating the action on your pinboard again and again and use further advertising channels for promotion in addition to Facebook as well. Start announcing the prize competition even before it begins.
  • Select suitable prizes: Take your time to define an original prize matching your brand, so that your target audience identifies with it.
  • Observe the Facebook promotion guidelines.

Are you interested in creating your own contest for your Facebook fanpage? Contact us now!